Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Rainbow Layer Cake.....lets give it a shot

So i love baking cakes and decorating them, i am not particularly skilled in this area, but i think i could get an A for effort at least.
The last cake i made was for my husbands birthday in September 2011, one month before our daughter Miley was born. That was a stormtrooper cake which i will post a picture of another time.
So as my husbands next birthday approached i decided now was the time to dust of my cake tins and get to work again.
I found a picture online a while back of an amazing Rainbow Layer Cake! It was a stunner! And i was so eager to try it out myself. The first time i tried a few years back it didn't work as i used liquid colouring......big mistake!
So i thought Simons birthday was the time to give it another go. So i bought the good quality gel colours and set to work. I only made 5 layers as i mistakingly bought 2 orange food colours.......doh!
Here is my cake mixture, coloured and all set to go.....
So into the oven they went in two batches. I was very excited and couldn't wait to finish the cake. I followed the original design which i saw online and covered the cake in plain buttercream icing so that from the outside it looks unassuming. Then when you cut into it.......bam.........colour explosion!
Now i must note that it didn't turn out as well as i had hoped but that was down to me purchasing the wrong shade of red and blue food colouring. But i live and learn and will know for next time. But despite that i still think it looks awesome.
For anyone who is interested the colours i used were:
Party Green
Here is the cake, the outside and then the inside.
Doesn't it look cool! I think i will have to restrain myself from colouring every cake i ever make now!
I think this would be so cool inside a kids birthday cake if it was a surprise for them.
Anyway, it was really easy to make and i think it has a huge impact. The buttercream was quite thick so it held it all together really well so i didn't need any supports for it despite it being 5 layers.
Now when can i make my next cake...........

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